Xcovery is focused on developing next generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), drugs which fight cancer on a molecular level, with increased potency and reduced toxicity. By focusing on molecular and cellular changes that are specific to cancer, targeted cancer therapies are more effective than other types of treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation, and less harmful to healthy cells.

Xcovery has developed a portfolio of low toxicity kinase inhibitors, which will allow for combinations of different therapies to simultaneously address important cancer mechanisms of action: metastasis – the spread of cancer cells to different parts of the body where new tumors are formed (MET); and the development of mutations which cause resistance to therapy (PI3K/mTor, ALK).

The complexity of cancer cannot be treated effectively when limited to one molecular therapeutic. Several existing drugs provide modest patient benefit as a monotherapy, but increasingly the ability of cancer cells to adapt and develop resistance has become apparent. Research indicates that combination therapies, which include drugs with different mechanisms of action impacting cancer cells in multiple ways, provide an improved clinical benefit and decrease the risk of relapse. Unfortunately, most cancer molecular therapies currently approved by the FDA are not appropriate for combination therapy due to their limited therapeutic window caused by elevated toxicity.

Xcovery has focused on developing drugs with reduced toxicity, which allows for a very broad therapeutic window. This design objective creates drug candidates that are ideally suited to be used in combination.